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Looking for work?  It is true when dealing with some recruitment companies that sometimes you feel that you are just another number, another placement, another task for a tired consultant, etc.  YOU ARE NOT JUST A NUMBER, YOU’RE A PERSON who should be VALUED, not only based on your ability and strengths but also your POTENTIAL.

CORNERSTONE RECRUITMENT not only values you as a person. We also take the time to get to know you, to appreciate how companies can benefit from using your skills and talents, and to help you develop your career choice further.

Too many people today are subject to deception, trends, easy ways to make money, and what people think, say and do, so people never proceed with their own dreams because of the fear of failure, fear of success etc.

CORNERSTONE RECRUITMENT’S goal is to not only help people find suitable employment but also to help coach / mentor our candidates to be able to makes dreams become reality.  We believe Greater things are still to be done.  If you have the ability to believe and have faith in what you can do, anything is possible.

Success is like climbing a mountain.  When you reach the top it is not just about the views you came to see, but it’s about the milestones you have successfully achieved along the way that makes us feel better in who we are.  Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain that what we do not see, we will see.

At CORNERSTONE RECRUITMENT we will work with you to find the best position and pathway for you so you CAN achieve what you are looking for.

For a complete review of your CV and full discussion regarding your career aspirations consider our PROJECT OF SUCCESS program. We have designed this 7 session program to help you re-align your search, and work on your current search project.