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Are you in a company where your Manager or supervisor does not listen to you? Alternatively, they may listen but take no action. Without the courtesy, explanation or additional information, what are you to think, what action are you to take?

Conscientious, experienced employees work at the coalface, providing products and services. These team-members are well-placed to offer ideas that will save money, improve services, and provide a competitive edge; but these ideas are too often overlooked.
Before you lose your motivation or grow frustrated from seeking changes and bringing about improvements, you may wish to consider the following.
If your Manager is not hearing what you have to say, consider:
  • Are they visual, as opposed to verbal communicators?
  • Do you need to put it in writing?
  • Coordinate a ‘think-tank’ with management and staff-members in a less-formal environment.
  • Is there an HR Manager who could facilitate the exchange of ideas?
  • Approach the subject as a dialogue – open for Manager input.
  • Ask the Manager what information they require before they will consider the change.
  • Ask what their limiting factors are?
  • Who are the stakeholders? Have you considered all implications, to all parties?
  • Seek information about external factors that may influence the problem
  • Could your ideas be perceived as challenging their leadership?
  • Is the problem you are facing short term? It may be wiser to sit it out.
  • What was your relationship like initially – has it changed or have you changed?
  • Are you flogging a dead horse, an outdated programme?
  • Familiarity breeds contempt – is it time to move on?