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Modern technology and telecommunications have taken much of the anxiety out of determining the skill-set and experience of overseas candidates. In addition to telephone and email correspondence, video-conferencing calls provide the benefit of a visual appraisal. On this note, we would suggest that video conferencing be used towards the end of the recruitment process. All technical questions should have been asked and answered by this stage, and you are now seeking visual confirmation and reaction to questions. This does not replace the obvious benefits of a face-to-face interview, but it is the next best thing.
Once the job offer has been made and accepted, the administration work involved in arranging your candidate’s immigration is only just beginning. It is essential that prior to deciding on an overseas candidate, you clear the way with the New Zealand Immigration Department. They are actually very helpful, but it is important to understand the constraints they work within, and the heavy workloads they are under. The experience of your Recruitment Consultant in guiding you through this process is invaluable.
Often overlooked by the employer, is the stress the candidate will experience in moving to New Zealand.  It is harrowing enough changing jobs for some, without the added stress of relocating internationally. Many candidates will leave their family back home – either to sell an existing home and tie up any loose-ends, or to give the candidate some time to set up for the family to join them at a later date. Additional support from their employer will be required for an extended period as the candidate settles into a new role, and an entirely new country.
The investment in time and money, is often rewarded in loyalty, fresh-thinking, and cultural diversity. The question of whether or not to employ off-shore candidates is becoming less of a conundrum as the ‘pros’ begin to balance out the ‘cons’. To discuss the process of sourcing off-shore talent, or for assistance with getting started, please contact one of our knowledgeable and helpful Consultants.