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In the current market conditions, quality candidates have more options available to them, and are becoming increasingly demanding in terms of the Employment Packages on offer.
Whereas employers would have relied heavily on monetary reward in the past, this is no longer the be-all-and-end-all. It is now important for employers to tailor the job offer to each individual – firstly to ‘win’ the candidate, and secondly to ensure they become a motivated, settled member of the team.
Once a candidate is into the recruitment process with an employer, it is safe to say their interest is already evident. It is now up to the employer, in conjunction with their recruitment partner, to obtain the right information from the candidate in terms of what will constitute a compelling job offer. It is important to be aware that this will be quite different for each individual candidate. What interests one, may not interest another, and throwing more money at the candidate takes a distant back-seat to being flexible with other components of the job offer as a whole.
Maintaining flexibility does present its challenges. Employers need to take special care to ensure equity and fairness across their workforce. As much as we would all like to think our staff will keep salary and employment-agreement information to themselves, some are not above revealing these details to colleagues. 
By enlarge, candidates will be reasonable in terms of their expectations. Once employed, they will expect equity and fairness, and so understand that they cannot be seen to have received favourable treatment from the outset.
If you’d like assistance with preparing compelling job offers, or for any questions you may have, please contact one of our experienced Consultants.