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The downturn in the economy has affected us just as it has affected all businesses in New Zealand. We know there are a number of industries that are doing well on the back of the dropping New Zealand dollar but as we are a service industry not an exporter we need to adapt to the new economic environment.

We have downsized and focused on our core business of recruitment. We are working closely with our existing clients and candidates assisting them through these difficult trading times.  Economic analysts indicate that the upturn in the economy is not expected until the first or second quarter of 2010. The Reserve Bank is forecasting that unemployment will peak at 6%.

Please call Alf or Ruth on 634 0574 about ways in which CornerStone Recruitment can assist. Greg has written an article “Survive and grow through the economic downturn- here’s how”.   If you would like copy please contact Alf or Ruth on 634 0574 or email.

If we can support you so that you survive and grow over the
next 18-24 months then we will have been successful,
in our objective of adding value to your company.

We have developed a new recruitment product "Candidate Profiling" especially for this period of economic downturn. This product is only available to our existing clients.

It provides an opportunity for companies to identify a potential candidate for a role. CornerStone Recruitment then provides the structured process, filters and knock-out factors to ensure that firstly you know in-depth and detail who you are employing how they will fit with the team and organisation. It will also provide insights into how they will work and what additional resources they may require if they are to excel in the role.

Please ring or email Alf or Ruth to request information on Candidate Profiling.


Temporary Staff

CornerStone Recruitment has now been supplying temps for over a year. Using tamps during a period of economic downturn gives flexibility to management and is cost effective. We do all the administration and management for you.

Please call Alf or Ruth (09) 634 0574 for our competitive rates.

Job Seekers

Before the economic downturn bites and if you are considering your options we suggest you read the article “You may feel a little bit of pressure”. The article outlines a number of factors and considerations you may wish to take into account before deciding on the best course of action for you and your family. Changing your job whether internally or to a new company is recognised as one of the most stressful changes you can face. Changing your job during a period of economic downturn is even more stressful.

Please ring or email Ruth (09) 634 0574 to request a copy of this article.