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Cornerstone News - April 11

Changes to Employment Relations and Holidays Acts


On the 1st April, we saw some changes to the Holidays Act and Employment Relations Act introduced. These changes will be helpful for employers in some sectors, and are designed to allow flexibility for both employers and employees.
These changes are part of a wider group of changes, some introduced on the 1st April and others to be introduced on 1st July.

For your consideration I have noted four of the key changes implemented this month....Read More


"Stop thinking about the competition."

Never mind the opposition, just work on your own game.

As a nation of sports people, we understand sports analogies, and draw parallels between sports and work performances and results. As a lover of sport I too draw inspiration from sports people who have a story to tell. One of my favourites is the legendary American Football coach Vince Lombardi. And one of my favourite Vince Lombardi quotes is “Run to Daylight”

I read a report last week from “Recruiter Daily” that reminded me of an aspect of our game that I thought was hugely important at this time. And it made it more significant because I had a discussion that same day with a member of our team….

Why your personal best is better
….Read More


Big Boys and Big Girls

Over the last few months there has been some publicity about a weight loss programme with a difference. TVNZ and Maori TV have run stories over the last two weeks detailing some of the success these programmes have brought to morbidly obese people in Auckland. On channel one, Tangata Pasifika will run another story this Thursday and replayed again on Sunday morning following the efforts of the Genetics Gym team in helping people not only changing their lives but saving their lives.
CornerStone Recruitment is a major supporter of the programme and will continue to work with Buck Stowers as he grows the Big Boys and Big Girls programme in New Zealand. I have been a witness to the phenomenal weight loss achieved by these people and the bond developed within the team.

Check out the link to see the 20/20 story which aired on Thursday 21st April.


If you too want to support this programme go to:  OR


From the Cornerstone Team