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Tanya_and_Cam_compressed.jpgMany of you will know Tanya Parkes, who celebrated her second anniversary with CornerStone Recruitment this month. Her years in the recruitment industry and expertise she demonstrates in fulfilling her roles have been rewarded with her promotion to the position of ‘Senior Recruitment Consultant’. Tanya’s experience and knowledge bring significant benefits to both clients and candidates.
Tanya’s additional cause for celebration is that on March 8th, she will marry her fiancé, Cameron Gray. We’re expectant of fine weather and a great time – and our best wishes go to Tanya and Cameron for the years ahead.
Kate Cobb

We find ourselves increasingly busy, as more and more clients and candidates come to appreciate our thorough recruitment processes. Consequently, in January, we welcomed a new Consultant to our team – Kate Cobb joins us from Christchurch. We encourage you to take some time and click through to Kate’s brief biography, to learn more about the person behind the bright, bubbly personality that welcomes you on the phone. Kate is an extremely professional consultant who adds significant value and experience to the CornerStone team.

Recruitment in 2008 - What can employers expect?

We have found the start of 2008 very busy – and this appears to be the opinion across most industries.  We generally expect more candidate-movement at this time of year – it is a time of new-beginnings and making changes. Perhaps of greater significance is the subtle flexibility that is creeping into the recruitment market, as employers adjust to meet the requirements of candidates. Please contact us to receive our article ‘The Goal Posts are Moving!’

We are seeing a greater willingness in employers to recruit off-shore candidates – particularly in Senior and Technical roles.   For most employers, off-shore candidates go in the too-hard basket, but as the skill-shortage continues across NZ and shows no sign of abating, sourcing staff overseas is increasingly becoming a consideration. Please contact us to receive our article, ‘Overseas Candidates – Yes or No?
Recruitment in 2008 – What can Job Seekers expect?

Employers are becoming more flexible as they struggle to retain their key staff or, attract new staff to their company. The important word here is ‘key’ staff – if you do not put in the effort or learn to make a consistent and strong contribution to your employer’s business, then you will not be regarded as ‘key’ to the organisation. In turn, you cannot expect the benefits and remuneration that you may see colleagues receiving, or hear about through friends over a cup of coffee. There is an increasing awareness in this competitive economy of the need to make a significant difference. Please contact us to receive our article, ‘What is Your Direction?’.

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Hot Candidates


Detailed below is a cross section of candidates currently in the market-place. We have changed the names for privacy reasons.

HELEN – Senior Account Manager

After 7 prolific years with a major NZ publisher, Helen is looking to progress her career in Senior Account Management. She is a highly-skilled and experienced sales professional with drive, ambition, and dedicated work ethic.

In a tight, competitive market-place, Helen took responsibility for several major brands and out-performed her peers and competition. Seeking a challenging, rewarding role, Helen will bring top-end results. She is seeking a salary of around $65,000 with OTE in excess of $120k. For further information, please contact Nigel Irwin on 09 622 3844, 021 300 173, or

EDWARD -Project Manager/Quantity Surveyor

Edward has been in NZ for one year, currently employed as a Project Manager / QS for a design and build home company out of Auckland. 20+ years experience in construction, qualified in Civil and Architectural Engineering, Project Management and QS (not NZ qualifications). Excellent communication skills, great presentation, looking for a new challenge in Auckland. Will be stable, hardworking, honest, and loyal. Will be flexible on package. Please contact Tanya Parkes on 09 622 3848, 027 621 6111 or

PAUL - Accounting / IT Guru-20+ years experience

Seeking part time work, 20 hours per week, contract or permanent basis. Lives Central and will work Central, South, and East. Well versed in financial and management reporting, budgets, forecasting, funds management, IT setups, Payroll systems-the list goes on. Paul has extensive industry and manufacturing experience, he is competent in communication at all levels, and has a strong customer focus. He has a high level of honesty and integrity, has a good down to earth personality, and would certainly add value to any business. He is currently unemployed and is available for an immediate start. Please contact Tanya Parkes on 09 622 3848, 027 621 6111 or

CABINETMAKERS - 2 candidates available

Both with extensive experience from within the industry, available to start on one month's notice. $23-$25 per hour, both have own tools, and are looking for greener pastures. More mature candidates, will be reliable, hard working, bring loads of knowledge, and happy to impart their knowledge on others. Please contact Tanya Parkes on 09 622 3848, 027 621 6111 or