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Cornerstone News-February 09

 Greetings to all our readers.

Already I find myself in the second month!!
Is time flying by quickly, or is it just me?
For some of us 2009 has started slowly.
For others, it has been non stop since before Christmas.
For some it is a time to re set new goals, new plans and new directions.
For others, the goals are still the same, and is a continuation of the plan
But for all of us, 2009 is a new year.
And for all of us, this is a time to make a decision.

Do I plan to succeed?

Or do I give up and wait for the failure to take us. If you take notice of all the media hype, some of you will lose your jobs. If you listen to the doomsayers, some of your businesses will fold and close down. If you read the morning papers, some of you will lose your house and some of you will sell your house, and then move to Australia.

But we have a choice.
We can choose to succeed this year.
Or we can choose to sit on our hands and fail.

Already we have seen enough signs to suggest that as New Zealanders we do things a little differently and at this time, we are better off than many other countries in the world. We are still Gods Own. And I believe that we are given choices.

Make your choice
Choose to suceed
Plan for success
Do not plan to fail

Business Relief Package

Last week, the government announced a relief package for small and medium sized businesses. It was built around the payment of provisional tax, a drop in the rates for underpaid tax, and a drop in the required frequency for PAYE tax. All the experts are saying that this is a step in the right direction for business. Any assistance with tax is good assistance. If this helps businesses like ours to continue to trade successfully, let’s get moving.

Time to Hire

Another new government initiative comes into play on March 1st. According to Michael Smythe, the “approachable lawyer”, it is now time to test this new 90 day trial period and hire new staff. This new initiative allows the employer to fearlessly hire and trial. And if your recruitment policy failed and according to Michael, you select a disengaged employee, you can without fear of reprisal let them go. Of course, to cut your chances of failure even more, talk to one of our recruitment consultants about our recruitment process.

Minimum Wage Increase

John Key also announced an increase in the minimum hourly rate effective April 1st 2009. According to the Prime Minister, this is inflation related, and comes a week after the announcement regarding business tax relief. Again, if you look at it from a positive point of view, this allows those on the minimum wage to spend more. Wherever the money goes, even if it is into the bank, it must do the full circle and come back to the businesses that paid it in the first place. That’s got to be a good thing.

New Features:

Ruth has done a bit of work around improving the website, and “Under Construction” has been taken out. Some of the sections have been changed and added to.

By and large, it should be easier to navigate your way around.

Have a look at our “About Us” page.
Have a look at the new CornerStone Recruitment Introduction video.
Yep. That’s me. What do you think? I’m up for feedback. Just be gentle.

Also have a look at a couple of new features.



For employers, have a look at our “Employers” page. You will find a breakdown of the services we offer. We can mix and match and tailor something that suits your needs.

Temp Specialist:

We would like to introduce to you Sione Lavulo, as a new member of our team. Sione joins us as a Recruitment / Business Consultant. Sione will specialize in Temps, and brings with him over 16 years experience working in the industry. Sione is also studying Human Resources, and with his experience will be a great asset to CornerStone Recruitment. For all temping and short term placement needs, please call on Sione, and he will be only too happy to help.

Sione’s contact details: DDI: 09 622 3840 or email

Extended DISC Profiling:

We offer a profiling service called Extended Disc. The profiling that we provide for you is called “Behavioural Style in the Work Environment” It is a report that uses the behavioural theory of Dr William Marston, and is very good at helping you work out whether you, your employee or your boss is working in an area that they are naturally suited to. This is an internationally recognized system, and we offer this service to complement our standard recruitment services.

Win a Disc Profile

For the next month, go into the draw to win an Extended DISC Profile. We are offering two draws for one free profile to any employer that places a Job Order for a Permanent Placement. This profile can be used for your new employee, or for a current member of your team. To qualify, contact 09 634 0574 and speak with either Alf, Ruth or Sione to place a Job Order before 20th March 09, and we will put you in the draw. (Drawn 21 March 09)


CV Assistance:

In our “Job Seeker” page, you will find some information about how to write a CV. Ruth is also available if you require any assistance with your CV. Email or phone 09 634 0574 for any advice.