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Cornerstone Newsletter - July 09

"People are the CornerStone of every business"

Never has this been truer,at this time, we rely on our key members of staff to take ownership of their jobs and do what ever they need to do to keep our businesses and companies profitable. With the good people out there at the moment, it is a great time to recruit the right people for the job. Look around you today. Make sure you have good people in the right positions. If you don’t, let me know. I will make it my job to find the person that will be the CornerStone of your business.

For all standard recruitment and HR needs, then give Alf a call.

Alf Stowers
DDI: 09 622 3841
Mob: 021 657 227

Welcome to the CornerStone Recruitment newsletter.

We have made it to July and find ourselves on the brink of Spring. The market has been making some murmurings of impending busyness, and we are getting ourselves ready for some pick up in the market place.


Key Candidates


Project Manager:

David is an experienced Civil Engineer with over 15years experience in civil works and construction in the UK and New Zealand. David brings great customer relations skills, time management ability and has the ability to form and work with all team dynamics. David is a member of IPENZ and is in the process of registering with CPENG.

Operations Manager - Logistics:

Colin is an experienced and highly motivated operations manager with a specialisation in logistics. Colin is disciplined, and professional in his dealings with people. He is highly organised, reliable and punctual. He has a good eye for detail, and remembers facts well. Colin will go the extra mile and will do whatever he has to do to get a job completed.

Graphic Designer:

Marciel is a graduate designer with exceptional design skills and an absolute passion for conceptual design. Marciel is currently working freelance on a part time basis with a production company producing all of their corporate and consumer design work. Marciel comes with an abundance of energy and good humour. He brings an ability to brainstorm and collaborate and research into his product to be able to get the best possible design for the brief.


"Leading by Example"

CornerStone Recruitment has been doing some work with Genetics Gym in Manukau to develop a programme called Off the Couch. This programme is a community programme, based in South Auckland that aims to develop better health in the familyand reunite the child with the parent.

The idea is pitched at the young person. They are required to recruit one of their parents to come and train with them at the gym. The gym will charge them two for the price of one, and after an initial assessment and programme setup, they will begin to work out together at least twice a week. It is designed to bring the parent and child closer together working on a single goal being improved health and fitness for the young person and their parent.

CornerStone Recruitment will also offer a free career guidance meeting that will help both young person and parent look at different career options and hopefully roadmap a plan to get there. We will also help them put together CV’s and basic application letters.

Many of the people that suffer from poor health and fitness in South Auckland also come from the lower socio economic tier, and health and fitness is just the start. We aim to help people with their search for better employment that will afford better nutritional choices, and further assist themselves and their families. If you are keen to find out more about what the Off the Couch Trust is doing, then call or email the following:

Alf DDI: 09 622 3841
Mob: 021 657 227

Buck: Bus: 09 262 3686
Mob: 021 864 887


Have you considered the link between production and fitness?

Have you seen how fitter and healthier staff come to work with more energy, vitality and motivation?
As things have been getter tougher, you, the business owner and manager need to ensure that you are healthy and fit too. The stress and strains of work today mean that you need to spend some time maintaining health and general wellbeing.

At CornerStone Recruitment we offer free gym memberships to our staff, and promote health and fitness in our office. Genetics Gym in Manukau offer many packages and can tailor a programme for you and your staff.

Contact Genetics Gym on 09 262 3686 or email:

Film Sponsorship:

Prior to my life with CornerStone Recruitment I owned and operated a Talent Agency called Stellar Appointments. I also have worked in theatre and short film, and my next project will be a feature film. I have approached some people and businesses who may be interested in providing venues and props for the film. (Eg. I have approached a car yard to see if they were interested in providing some vehicles for the shoot)

I am on the lookout for some props and venues. If we have any film buffs out there that are interested in assisting to this end, then let me know. The script for the movie has not been finalised, but when the synopsis is written I will let those that are interested know what we are looking for.

Filming will start summer 2009. Editing due to be completed September 2010.