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In the last newsletter we were pleased to introduce you to two new colleagues, Paula Folkard and Anna Singh.
anna2_1_1.jpgAnna started initially undertaking business development and market research. She has proved to be very good at these functions of recruitment. So we were pleased when she accepted our offer of moving into a full-time recruitment role. Anna has completed her Recruitment Training Course and is currently developing her skill base following the CornerStone Recruitment procedures. Anna enjoys working with the CornerStone proven systems and procedures.
After a short time with us, Paula was counter-offered a wonderful position, working in Real Estate media. You may recall from reading Paula’s bio that prior to working with us, she had a very successful real estate career. Whist we are disappointed to lose Paula, we do wish her all the best and look forward to keeping in touch.
Australia continues to be a strong draw-card to skilled personnel and Kate Cobb has decided that the returns and opportunities across the ditch are just too good to overlook. Although Kate was only with us for 4 months she has made a positive contribution to the team and we wish her all the best.
101MSDCF_001_2.jpgOur exciting news is that Tanya returns from her globe-trotting honeymoon on Monday 16 June. Be sure to ring and chat - Tanya will enjoy catching up with you and sharing some exciting stories from her travels.

Recruitment Update


You need to review your recruitment process through the eyes of the candidate applying. They are considering multiple job offers and during the interview process they are evaluating your company, and how they will fit in and contribute. They will also be considering the career opportunities, work life balance, and potential for job satisfaction. To request a copy of our article The market sets a new standard of excellence in the recruitment process for your company, please contact Jacqui on 09 634 0574 or email

Job Seekers
For young professionals and those on a career path, the question of the optimum time to stay with your current employer is an important one. There is a window of timing when decisions need to be made to optimize your career.  How long should you stay in a company? please contact Jacqui on 09 634 0574 or email