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Tanya and Cameron Gray

Saturday 8th March was a beautiful day, the sun shone, Tanya looked absolutely gorgeous and Cameron was strikingly handsome.  Feel free to ring Tanya on 6223848 to get all the information on what was a truly wonderful day.

Recruitment Opportunity

CornerStone Recruitment has established a stellar-reputation among our very-satisfied clients and we’re on the lookout for a new Consultant to join us, with a particular focus on New Business Development.

Our key attributes are:

  • Small dedicated team.
  • Close-knit working relationships
  • 5-year-old, growing company
  • Strong, loyal client-base
  • Commitment to work/life balance
  • Transparent, ethical business practices
  • Convenient Onehunga location with free parking, sunny courtyard area, and funky, non-corporate office

Please call Nigel a call to discuss this opportunity further

IMGP0616_1.jpg1 year Anniversary

Celebrating our achievements at CornerStone Recruitment is essential to our feel-good environment. On 12th March 2008, Nigel Irwin celebrated his 1 year anniversary at CornerStone. He has built strong relationships with clients and candidates alike, and will continue providing good recruitment solutions for his client base.

Give Nigel a call if you wish to review your recruitment system or if you are seeking new employees.  


Recruitment Update


The Leadership Vacuum
With talk of recession and economic downturns many companies are considering restructuring or questioning their organisational structure, systems and procedures.  What they often overlook is the quality of management leadership and staff supervision.  Often by addressing this question they will go along way towards building customer loyalty and cost savings through the efforts of a more motivated staff who respond well to clear direction and strong leadershiop.  The article "The Leadership Vacuum" outlines some key points in identifying the issue and rectifying the problem.  Please contact Jacqui if you would like a copy of this article, or give her a call on 634 0574.

Job Seekers

With talk of recession and economic downturns the business community is starting to show the strain.  Unfortunately with the resultant stresses some employees have started looking for new jobs.  Before you take this step you may like to consider the questions raised in the article - Are you being heard?  Please contact Jacqui if you would like a copy of this article, or give her a call on 634 0574.

The other article you may wish to read is "Is it all about the money".  There is no doubt that wages and salaries have not kept up with inflation recently but there are matters to consider before deciding to leave your present employment. Please contact Jacqui if you would like a copy of this article, or give her a call on 634 0574.

During the difficult economic times many people build their careers.  It is very difficult to build a reputation when the going is easy.  The truly star performers do not stand out the same because everyone is able to get good results with minimal effort.  Now is the time when the thinkers and doers really get a chance to prove their worth.  As you excel you can expect greater responsibility and also rewards as company restructure and promote those with a proven track record.  If you need advice over the next few months call Nigel, Tanya or Kate for up to the minute advice on job market possibilties and also advice on how to optimise your current job and career.