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November 2008

Over the last month, there have been some changes of interest.
Here at CornerStone Recruitment we have seen a change of ownership. My wife Ruth and I have taken over the business as at the 1st October 2008 and Greg has retired from the recruitment business to spend more time with his family.

In the USA, the country had decided to make a change, and a historical moment was made when Barack Obama was elected the first African American President.

Here in New Zealand, we, as a country voted also for change and elected in a National government led by John Key.

Ruth and I, the New Zealand public, and the world in general had waited for the outcome, and now that we have it, it is now time to get moving again in a positive direction.

As we move forward, it reminds me of a saying by the great American Football coach, Vince Lombardi who said “Run to Daylight”

If you know anything about Gridiron or American Football, you would know that a running backs job was to run though gaps created by his front linemen. The coach called a play, and the linemen would force open a chosen gap, and the running back had to get through that gap ASAP, and make his way to the end zone to score.

In the regimented world of American Football, if the gap was closed, the play would fail. Vince Lombardi then told his players that from here on in, when they find that the gap is closed, they need to “run to daylight”

This was a little alien to the well drilled players, but eventually they got the hang of hit.
Vince would tell his players thus:
Run your play. Hit the gap. If there is a tackler in front of you hit him, and hit him hard. If he stays, do not stop there. Check around. If this gap is filled, another may open. Look for that gap. Look for light. If you spot it, go, Run to Daylight.

In our work, we may find that an opportunity may not exist now. The gap in the market may have closed. Vince Lombardi tells us thus:


Hit the Gap

Check if it is closed. There may still be a way through

If not.....

Look around

Find another gap

Run to Daylight      


When I took over this business, Greg Taylor gave me a small piece of advise that for me was a similar message. 'Play to your strength'
I know my strengths. Know yours. Work to your strength.
When an opportunity closes, look around for that gap. When you see the gap, don’t just look at it, or wonder about the reality of it. Run to that gap, Run to Daylight.

The economy has hit an area of re adjustment for many. We have been told to make better choices, and to make those choices count. We here at CornerStone Recruitment continue to use the same 22 step process that has enabled steady growth of this company, and we expect this steady and thorough process will carry us through. Our ethical and responsible approach to our work and your needs will continue on.

Temps and Fixed Term Contracts

As a reminder, using temps and fixed short term contracts during a period of economic downturn gives flexibility to management and is cost effective. We, at Cornerstone do all the administration and management for you.

Please call Ruth or Alf for our competitive rates.

If you need any assistance or advice please feel free to call Ruth or myself on 09 634 0574 or email us: