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 September 09 Newsletter

It’s our birthday

On October 1st Alf and Ruth have owned CornerStone Recruitment for one year.

As part of our celebrations we are offering a 4 week special for the month of October 09 on Temp and Permanent placements.

We are offering the following great rates for any new temp business over 80 hours a week.

Hourly rate + On Cost + $1 +GST

For more details view
Specials on Temp and Permanent placements
Talk to Alf, Ruth or Logan today to take advantage of this special offer
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No more contracts

Are you sick of being tied to a contract for services that do not give you good service?
Are you tired of the big players that tie you up to an agreement that you seemingly can't get out of?

And any alternative supplier that comes along also brings with them a means to tie you down!!!!
Are you sick of that? We're sick of it too.

From today, we have deleted all of our Preferred Supplier agreements.
All of the PSA service contracts will be taken out of our list of services, and we will now offer the same service and price to all our customers and clients.

Our standard service rates have been deleted, and we now offer the preferred rates of 10% (of the agreed projected annual salary) to all customers and clients as standard.

So if you are looking for some permanent staff, you can expect the same excellent service time and again.

And if our service sucks, you are not tied to any deal with us. You are free to shop wherever you like.

From the Experts

If you read the August edition of NZ Business magazine you may have read an article called “Negotiating the recruitment minefield”. In essence the writer talks about the current quality of staff available. According to the experts, you may well get up to 300 - 400 people applying for roles, but you will still only get 6 - 8 quality applicants.

And why is that?

That's because even though we have some greatly experienced and qualified people out there on the Unemployment Benefit, many of these people are wrongly qualified and/ or over qualified for the current roles they are being asked to fill.

Or, as we have found, we have been getting applications from people that would not normally be part of the workforce. (The main breadwinner has been made redundant and can’t find work, so the supplementary income earner has had to look for full time work) And these people do not have sufficient or quality recent work experience that will give you good value for money.

And when the market improves, and we know that this will happen, they will quit your job and move on.

For all of those employers that think that they are in a market flush full of great labour quality are probably a little short sighted. Because, and you need to consider this, your highly qualified new staff member will move on again within the next six months, and you will have to retrain someone again a little more suitable to your needs.
From left field and on the lighter side!!

It's all in the eyebrows

If you are looking for a new person and you want to have someone that will make well informed decisions before they make a move. Or are you working in a high paced environment and you need a person that will make snap decisions when it is required, have a look at their eyebrows.

What? Eyebrows? Ha-ha I hear you laugh.
As your eyes are a mirror to your soul, your eyebrows show you quality of thought.

• Eyebrows that sit low above your eyes denote someone who makes quick decisions.
• If their eyebrows are high up above the eye, then they take their time in making a decision.
• Thick eyebrows denote strength of thought. Thin eyebrows would then mean the opposite, their thinking strength is a little light.
For example:

Your manager seems not to be a very strong thinker and even though he can make quick decisions, he often makes the wrong ones. Or your dispatch coordinator is very friendly and helpful, but she seems a little light of thinking quality?

Look at your receptionist. If they have nice rounded friendly eyebrows, they will be pleasant and helpful. If they have the inverted V, they have a need to be the boss. So you may need to re look at their career path.

If you are a salesman, and you greet a person with low lying eyebrows, you need to sell to them within seconds of them seeing you or your product. They will make up their minds whether to buy or not in a split second. Whereas, if you are dealing with someone with high eyebrows, you have the time to convince them that you have the perfect product for them

Please note that eyebrows, and thus thought strength does not govern intellect. It only gives you an idea of their thought processes ability. And this must be read with other factors of their face to get a better clearer picture.

If you have any questions about this article, please feel free to contact Alf. If there is interest in such subjects, he can add a little more each month.

Data Risk Management

Consider this:

If you lost all of your computer files and records, what would be the effect on you and your business?
Do you have a data backup system that is safe and secure?

Do you need to ask a couple of more questions of someone that may have some answers?
Our friend Joe can help.

Give him a call and he will talk to you about how he can ensure the safety of your computer records and data.

Joe Clark
09 623 9948


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